Each week we catch up with one of Manchester's favourite bartenders to talk about the city's bars, pubs and clubs. After all, what better way to get an insight into a bar than from the person serving the drinks? This week we ask Georgia Kay, bartender at The Alchemist New York Street a few questions...


Georgia Kay is a bartender at popular Manchester cocktail bar, The Alchemist New York Street.

Name: Georgia Kay

Age: 22

Works at: The Alchemist on New York Street

You should come for drinks at The Alchemist NYS because… most of our signature cocktails have to be seen to be believed, the atmosphere at the weekend is indescribable, and there are plenty of team members to fall in love with!

I’ll whip you up a… Dry Iced Tea. The Alchemist's twist on the Long Island with our killer Coke Foam served in a Teapot with a burst of smoke!

Mine’s a… gin, gin, gin; in any shape or form! But I do love an Espresso Martini.

When I’m off duty you’ll normally find me… if it's not the Northern Quarter way; it’s Mojo or Liars Club.

The best thing about being a bartender is… meeting so many personalities and being a general enabler for the 9 – 5ers!

Not many people know this but… I can speak backwards ylsuolucidir llew!

Come and see me… night time through the week, and Friday / Saturdays.