Each week we catch up with one of Manchester's favourite bartenders to talk about the city's bars, pubs and clubs. After all, what better way to get an insight into a bar than from the person serving the drinks? This week we ask Emma Jane Darwin, bartender at The Liquor Store a few questions...

 Emma Jane Darwin from The Liquor Store

Catch Emma at Deansgate cocktail bar The Liquor Store every weekend 

Name: Emma Jane Darwin 

Age: 21

Works at: The Liquor Store Manchester

You should come for drinks The Liquor Store because… the music is great, the cocktails are amazing, and of course to come and say hi to me!

I'll whip you up a… Jennings Cox Daiquiri. Havana 3yr old rum, lime and sugar topped off with an apple foam and apple crisps! Mmm.

Mine's a… jäger!

When I'm off duty you'll normally find me... having a good old boogie!

The best thing about being a bartender is... is by far meeting lots of new people and having a great time while working! Not many can say that.

Not many people know this but... mmm come down, get me good and drunk and I'll answer that one.

Catch me on… Friday, Saturday and a couple of nights in the week. 

Twitter: @emmajanedarwin @liquorstoreuk