Cooking Up Meth - We Took The Breaking Bad-Themed RV For A Spin

Added on . By Hannah Barnes.

ABQ Manchester Breaking Bad Pop-Up

Inspired by the iconic show, ABQ is the hottest pop-up ticket in Manchester.

The ABQ Pop Up Experience, located at MediaCityUK, didn’t so much as pop up but roll up. Located in an RV and based on the hit series Breaking Bad, this event promised lawlessness in spades. The only rules? Don’t touch the dry ice. And don’t order the bloody Mary on a Thursday… because it’s only available Sundays.

Upon arrival at the iconic RV, we changed into hazmat suits and were given the opportunity to don goggles and gas masks à la the series. The commitment of the experience was brilliant, allowing us behind-the-scenes entry into everybody's favourite illicit mobile home and providing the perfect atmosphere for what was to come.

Along with replicating classic scenes from Breaking Bad with their RV, ABQ also fuses mixology with chemistry; making you feel as though you’re cooking up something you shouldn’t be. No need to worry about the come down though, the meth isn’t really meth.

With every cocktail, came a short science lesson, before we were let loose with the equipment ourselves. I can personally vouch for the BLOW cocktail which, along with being simple to concoct, tasted delicious and came with a complimentary bag of blow. ABQ Breaki was an interesting take on the White family’s breakfasts: vodka, orange, rice krispies and a mixture of Kahlua and almond milk to douse them in. I’m considering switching out my usual semi-skimmed milk more often.

We also tried La Tortuga, which is made by using nitrogen cavitation to infuse the alcohols with sage and jalapeno, for a taste of the more serious side to scientific mixology. After rounding things off with a CRT Fix - a rosemary and thyme infused nod to a gin martini with lots of dry ice excitement - we alighted the RV and resumed our normal lives...on an all natural high.

You can test your own chemistry skills at the pop-up RV at MediaCityUK or head down to East London for a more permanent venue. Tickets cost £30 for a two-hour session, which includes a welcome drink and cooking two of your own cocktails.