Stars are rolling onto the red carpet as summer blockbusters are set to smash onto our cinema screens in the coming months. But why should they have all the fun? Soak up samples of Hollywood's hottest cocktails right here in Manchester and live the life of your favourite leading lad or lady.

1. Cosmopolitan - Sex and the City

Our favourite fashionista Carrie Bradshaw is rarely seen without her trademark tipple. Tangy and sweet with a flush of bright pink, the Cosmo is the epitome of girly girl, yet still a statement drink for the independent woman.

Where to find it: The Living Room, Neighbourhood, Sakura

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2. Mint Julep - The Great Gatsby

We can't all play the love of Leonardo DiCaprio's life, but we can knock back this 1920's classic. Served best with American whiskey, this racing favourite sees the Kentucky Derby get through over 1000lbs of mint leaves!

Where to find it: Rosylee tearooms, Epernay, Grand Pacific

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3. White Angel - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Effortlessly simple, a mix of gin and vodka make up this iconic cocktail, sipped by the fabulous yet flawed Holly Golightly. Indulge your Audrey Hepburn girl crush in the premium bars of the city.

Where to find it: The Alchemist, Liquorice, Cloud 23

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4. Singapore Sling - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

If you needed an excuse to watch this almighty roller coaster ride of outrageous antics, Johnny Depp has caught our attention by sinking loads of these cocktails as the lead role Raoul Duke. Find your own Mr Depp in one of these joints.

Where to find it: Lola's cocktail lounge, Australasia, Hula Tiki

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5. Vodka Martini - James Bond

You can't compile a list of classic movie cocktails without giving a nod to the vodka martini, shaken not stirred. The traditional recipe is pretty bland by modern mixology standards, so we've found the best places to get a martini with a twist!

Where to find it: Missoula, Revolution, Elixir

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