The Washhouse A boozy Narnia: secret speakeasy loiters through the washing machine
Shudehill, Manchester, M4 4AA
Happily Affordable
Type of Venue

What they say:

Not very much, and that’s exactly what makes this enigmatic cocktail joint so intriguing. In true Fight Club fashion, these guys claim “the first rule of the Wash House is, you don’t talk about the Wash House.” Join the scores of revellers in trying to track down this haven for masterful cocktails, just don’t forget it’s table bookings only.

What we say:

Is this the coolest laundrette in the world? We’re going to go ahead and say yes. Look past the typical setting of bored folk filling washing machines with their shrapnel and cast your eyes on the large door in the corner. Behind it lies a dimly lit, leather coated prohibition den, playing deep house tunes and dealing only in the finest cocktail serves. Just don’t get too tanked; it’s hard enough to locate this place as it is.