Edible Cocktail Cups And Smokin' Food: There's A New Menu To Match This Bar's Sexy Look

Who dis? As The Alchemist Spinningfields has dropped a new food menu and unveiled its latest interiors after a swanky 550k renovation, it's looking like a hot destination for the summer. On the cards are plenty of pan-Asian dishes, fusion plates and the occasional British classic, all washed down by cocktails. But in the brand's classic style, these are no ordinary drinks. They arrive at your table shrouded in smoke, topped with a big tasty bubble or in a fully edible glass. So, I was excited to check out the bar's popular formula come date night.

The Alchemist Spinningfields Review Interiors | DesignMyNight

The Alchemist Spinningfields? C'est chic.

Having booked in for prime time on a Friday night, we were unsurprised to find the bar packed and house music blaring, but that didn't detract from the slightly quieter dining area. I'll have to admit, I was bowled over by the new look. From the plush navy booths to dark teal walls, mirrored columns and sparkling light fittings in abstract shapes, the space was incredibly sophisticated. A mixture of couples and larger groups kickstarting their evenings out, The Alchemist also had a lively atmosphere to match its theatrical drinks list.

On that note, our liquid offerings began with The Edible One (£11) and a Caramelised Jungle Bird (£9.75). The former is a new cocktail in a crispy stroodle cup, fronting the taste of a cinnamon apple pie thanks to Avallen calvados, lime sherbet, salted caramel and a creamy white chocolate foam. I loved breaking bits off the cup and dunking it in the topping, but I could probably eat this for a whole dessert rather than before a meal. My partners' was refreshing and tropical to boot, going down the hatch easily alongside a good kick of rum.

The Alchemist Spinningfields Cocktails Review | DesignMyNight

From tropical numbers to glasses good enough to eat, this bar has a bit for everyone.

For starters, the gloriously messy Korean fried gochugang chicken wings (£7.25) were tender, sprinkled with seasame seeds and boasted a hint of warming spice. Although we relished in the flavour, given the name of the wings, we were expecting them to have some crispiness underneath all the sauce. As a sucker for a fromage-laden beef patty smushed between light, fluffy buns, the cheeseburger bao (£8) was my pick. They were completed by a slathering of burger sauce, crispy onions and a syringe of mustard - hitting the spot.

Always the one to indulge in the biggest dish on offer, my other half's smoking BBQ pork board (£16) of slow-cooked, tender boneless rib, crackling, dirty slaw, pickles, American cheese melt, grilled veggies and fries (phew) came on the bar's signature hot skillet. Plus, we got to see the sauce poured all over to make it sizzle at the table, before being thoroughly demolished. My choice? A fragrant crispy curried fish (£17.50) with a side of Asian greens (£4). The garlic and sweet chilli-laden vegetables were perfectly al dente, while the fish fell apart at the touch. Better yet, the crispy skin, noodles and bed of samphire added texture to the creamy, coconut curry.

The Alchemist Spinningfields New Food Menu | DesignMyNight

Food here looks and tastes amazing.

Now, we couldn't head off without having a third course, so the yakitori caramelised pineapple (£8) and next level chocolate brownie (£7.25) were promptly ordered, despite not knowing quite where we'd fit them in. The grilled, skewered fruit came presented on a smoking dry ice display, accompanied by crispy brittle, lime zest coconut cream and syrup. As for me, I couldn't finish my chocolatey delight (however much I wanted to), but it was deliciously gooey, while being served with Biscoff crumb, caramel and icecream for maximum indulgence.

To accompany dessert? A Holy Smokes (£9.50) cocktail that came in a beaker surrounded by a cloud, which wasn't too sweet, thanks to its complex mix of mezcal to offset the banana and pineapple. It was right on the money. Otherwise, the Next-spresso Martini (£11) was a hit too, boasting a salted caramel twist and presented alongside bursting flavoured 'caviar'. Delish.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

The Alchemist Spinningfields' new food menu is definitely worth checking out, as are its list of impressively presented cocktails. While we would dine at a different time to get more intimate date vibes, this is definitely the place to go to begin a proper night out with a group or your partner. Tunes? Check. Fuel? Double check.

  💰 The damage: £109.25, plus service charge.

  📍  The location: 3 Hardman Street, M3 3HF.

  👌 Perfect for: Preparing for a big night ahead.

 ⭐ Need to know: Head in mid-week if you want a more relaxed date.


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