The Optimist Brand new bar in the Northern Quarter? Blink and you'll pessi-miss 'em.
Northern Quarter, Manchester, N4
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Launching this Autumn in a quarter of Manchester that is home to hearty hipsters and heaving patties, The Optimist is a brand new bar in the Northern Quarter with little yet to whisper. 'An upcoming bar that ticks all the boxes for the perfect hang out spot', The Optimist are shy on upcoming details, indulging nothing but the fact that their venue just so happens to be hidden in plain sight.

What we say:

I'm certainly no pessimist, but my happy hankerings don't start bubbling until I have good reason. Reasons of which we're yet to see from the ever secretive Optimist, who just so happen to be keeping their cards close to their chest. That said, with the branding all sorts of Northern Quarter broody and the promise of a nook that boasts the 'perfect hang out spot', heck, maybe I do have something to be optimistic about after all? Check back for more information as details unfurl this Autumn.