New bar spy - The Daisy

New Northern Quarter private members' bar judges your Instagram before you're let in

The Daisy

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Early December

What they say:

Private members’ clubs are always a bit exciting because it feels like you’re joining the Stonemasons or Illuminati or whatever. And while some clubs require you to hold some sort of position of power, The Daisy is playing a different game: they need to assess your Instagram by following their private profile. While they haven’t revealed the exact criteria for membership, that is a delightfully millennial entrance exam – if a little Black Mirror-ish. But once inside, you’ll be able to use it as a co-working space during the day, and a private bar at night.

What we say:

Replacing SuperStore in the basement of Evelyn’s, this might be the Northern Quarter’s hottest new attraction. After paying your £100 membership fee, you’ll be greeted with sofas and deep comfortable chairs (should you prefer a more lazy approach to working) or island bars surrounded by stool and plugs if you’re a bit more wired. They’ll help too, by offering complimentary coffee from Ozone Coffee Roasters and tea from Rare Tea Company. Once the night descends, you can purchase tasty cocktails from the bar – and you’ll be able to bring some mates in to enjoy it too.