Texture East London finally embarks on the Northern Quarter
67 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FL

What they say:

If the Northern Quarter weren't already compared to East London in excess, London's most recognisable creative cranny is set to be taking to the NQ stage this Autumn in Manchester. Brought to Lever Street by East London business manager Kirk Paten, Texture is set to defy the current Northern Quarter trend with a venue that provides an alternative creative space. "When we were looking at spaces we didn’t want to follow the current trend of some other Northern Quarter bars. There’s a lot of natural light and it's an airy environment."

What we say:

The fact that East London are looking to the Northern Quarter not only says something about the smashing state that this creative nook boasts, but about the quality of appeal that Manchester can continue to retain. But while Japanese Kangen ice cubes and fashion shows are ultimately different to many industrial orientated plots that the Northern Quarter boasts, just how different will this creative space, of bar and party fusion, really be? We're excited to find out.