Federal Cafe & Bar There's a latte talk about this brand new, Northern Quarter coffee bar
9 Nicholas Croft, Manchester, M4 1EY
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Was that ingrained coffee pun in the title a little too much already? We apologise, it too grinds our gears, it's just tough trying to espresso yourself sometimes. Oop. But joviality aside, it's time to talk cupping. Four syllables ring in the ears of Manchester once more as the Northern Quarter announces a brand new destination. An independently owned cafe bar, Federal bring gourmet coffee, bold brunches and booze to the MCR masses this November as further industrial inspired innards come to play. 

What we say:

And there I was thinking that cupping was the way to get my upstairs delicates measured. Perhaps not. Does the Northern Quarter need more artisan coffee destinations? Most definitely. And do Federal Cafe & Bar rack up kudos for their subtle Scandi charm and liquid orientation? Almost certainly. Another hideaway that will help to wile away the rainy Manchester days, brunch and boozing are two words that Federal look set to stand by.