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Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co find permanent venue in a listed building and boasting 16 pumps


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What they say:

Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co have been hitting a bit of trouble when it comes to locking down a permanent venue, but they’ve finally got some luck. The independent brewers are moving into Dale House in the Northern Quarter, bringing their craft beer to the listed building and sharing an entrance with coffee maestros Idle Hands. The bar is fairly large, reaching 120 capacity and spanning 1500 sq ft.

What we say:

Of course, the main focus in this bar will be the beer, and they’re packing a whole load of their own. There’s going to be fourteen keg and four cask lines, with half of them dedicated to Beatnikz brews – expect the likes of Beach Bum Pale Ale and Generation IPA – with the others reserved for guest beers. There’s also a healthy selection of wines (natural and sparkling included) as well as gin, bourbon, ciders and cocktails. Meanwhile, you can pick up a few bar snacks should you be hungry; they’re vegan, like all the Beatnikz beers.