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Rebellion Bar


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What they say:

Unleash your inner rebel and join hands with those who like hard rock, deep metal, and all things Rock 'N' Roll in Deansgate Locks' newest live music bar: Rebellion Bar. Now open, this exciting and pleasingly grungy-yet-stylish bar is already bringing raucous Rock 'N' Roll nights to an area that, beforehand, had little to do with the rock scene. Rebellion Bar will be a late night drinking den with live bands and a rock and indie soundtrack to keep Manchester rockin' and rollin' as dawn approaches. Rock on, man.

What we say:

With its host of exclusive cocktail bars and clubs, Deansgate Locks isn't the first place you'd think of for a live music venue. And that only makes Rebellion Bar more rebellious in our eyes. Opening until 4am every night of the week, this Rock 'N' Roll den offers a great new late night hang out for students and indie fans alike. We're sure of one thing: in true rebel style, it has arrived with a bang. Watch this space as we hear more and more about the great music events in store.