Veeno Wine Café Veeno Wine Bar is open in Central Manchester!
2-10 Albert Square, Manchester, M2 6LW
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Veeno’s wine café is set to serve you glass after glass (or bottle after bottle) of fine, family-grown Sicillian wine and Italian dishes from morning ‘til evening. Crazy about their wine, hence their chosen name, expect to sample a fine variety of slurps of red, white, rosé and more, or even purchase a bottle to take home. Their story started from their Italian ancestors, and they have grown their grapes in their family vineyard in Sicily for many a year. These are the guys who really know their stuff when it comes to wine: knowing wine news, recent trends and obviously about each wine they offer.

What we say:

If you’re a fan of the grape then this is your new haunt. The proof’s in the name: if you’re looking for wine specialists, Veeno is the vineyard of your dreams. I can’t think of a better place for wine-lovers to swirl, sniff and enjoy a glass of veeno… if you will. With a location just off Manchester's Albert Square, you're nearest Italian wine bar is virtually on your doorstep. Serving a selection of culinary dishes, made to complement wine, your aromatic and flavoursome experience will be truly immersive in this new wine bar.