Wunderbar? What Happened When We Went To Albert's Schloss

Published . By Hannah Barnes.

Summer is done and it’s time to get our cosy on. There’s no better hygge away I know of than Albert’s Schloss; Manchester’s first Wunderbar serving up a huge variety of drinks alongside their traditional German Cook Haus. So I was glad to go and check out their chilled Monday night offering; Back to Mein.

Upon arrival, my partner and I perused the menus whilst relaxing in a booth near the stage. The mellow atmosphere and warm firelit interiors of Albert’s Schloss make it the perfect place to spend a school night and this one was no exception. Busy as ever, the crowd created a chilled out hum as we awaited the arrival of Dave Haslam; the legendary DJ of Hacienda fame.

With special guest curators every Monday, Albert's Schloss is the place for a vibrant night out.

To start, I went with the French onion soup (£6.50) which, it turns out, was an excellent choice. Covered in croutons and gooey cheese, this is a far more decadent dish than is usually conjured when you think of soup. My partner chose the ham & Alpine cheese croquettes (£6), on recommendation, and was extremely pleased.

With the DJ set in the background, we ate to the sounds of Dave Haslam’s personal record collection. Back to Mein has an intimate feel - like going round to relax in an old friend's living room - helping you shuck off the stresses of the day. It’s easy to lose track of time here, surrounded by good food and good music.

Tastes of Bohemia and Bavaria make this a feast for all the senses.

For the main course, I chose the classic schnitzel (£14), a side of charred broccoli (£5) and some fries (£3), while my partner ordered the schweinshaxe (£16.50) - crispy pork knuckle - with sformato (£7) on the side. A revelation in comfort food, sformato is a gratin of potato, truffle oil and Alpine cheese that really hits the spot.

We ended the meal right - with a dessert each - opting for more comfort food, in the guise of sticky toffee pudding (£6.50) and the Swiss chocolate mousse (£6) which was rich and creamy. Finally, we settled in with an espresso martini each for a few more hours of enchantment at the hands of Mr Haslam.

Back to Mein hosts different DJ’s, performers and artists each Monday with food served until 10pm. You'll find it at Albert's Schloss, 27 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR.