Nude Noir presents "TEMPTATION"

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  • The Gore Hotel


  • Something A Little Different, Burlesque and Clubbing
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  • Kensington
  • House Music
  • Over 21
  • Sat, 8th Mar 2014 @ 22:00 - 2:30
  • 22:00 - 02:30

Nude Noir is a story led experiential event series drawing influences from the visual style of celebrated photographer Helmut Newton. Each event is styled according to a story that resonates with the Noir fantasy, incorporating moments, sequences and sensations designed to thrill guests with visual splendour, drama and intensity. (For tickets see below).

The lavish hotel, in the heart of Kensington, plays host to the characteristic mixture of decadently erotic visual treats that have placed Nude Noir firmly at the top of the London high roller nightlife scene.  This phantom place “The House of Nude Noir” is ruled and hosted by astonishing Madame Noir and admission is strictly by invitation only. Those wishing to attend should write a charming letter to Madame Noir on requesting consideration. The fortunate ones who impress the Madame will be granted access to purchase tickets to what is sure to be another sell out success.

Dress code is a must pinterest.Noir as most of her guests become actors in “Theatre Noir” play. Fans of the Nude Noir oeuvre will love Food Noir, the Madame's own supperclub evenings launching soon, as well as Nude Noir's imminent album release: Seductions of Noir, a combination of modern classical, deep house and sexy tracks.  

...lead us not into temptation..Matthew 6:13

Incessant rain pounds London town, sends rivers and rivulets wending their way down black glossed streets, at night reflecting towering plane trees and the white stuccoed mansions of Chelsea & Kensington. Winter creeps to Spring; seasonal changes instigating a shift in the mood at House of Nude Noir.

Wantonness, in customary vein abounds, yet a hint of subterfuge is evident in the goings on between the resident triptych of sensuality that is Madame Noir, Monsieur Elliott and Elizabeth, aka Lady Nude.

Elizabeth, a rosebud of pure innocence plucked from the clutches of a tyrant whose intention was to sell her virginity to the highest bidder, yet she found protection in the House and under the wing of Madame Noir. In spite of, and in part because of Elizabeth’s scintillating beauty, it was deemed fitting that her innocence would remain intact. She wears the aspect of virginal purity with a certain self-knowing irony, surrounded by maidens of lust.

Enter the dashing Elliott, a man whose moral compass points due North. Impeccable manners as befitting an English gentleman. This swarthy, steely-eyed financier could barely set a foot wrong with his frequent gestures of generosity to the House. That is, until now.

In spite of himself, and indeed because of himself; Elliott Golding, friend, charmer, voyeur. 

The inevitability of attraction versus discipline; the waywardness of will. Her innocence entices and beguiles him, and the flesh is weak. Elliot Golding. Madame Noir watches from the eaves as you make your move. 

Penitence is no brother to compassion where there was scant regard for honour. Now the stage is set, the players take their positions, the curtains are drawn and the candles burn once again for a night of hedonism, revelry and intrigue.

May the mayhem commence,

and the brazen indignity of exposure

reveal the true consequence


Dress Code: Black Tie, Masks, Avant-garde, Noir Couture, Lace, Silks, Leather 


Check out our exclusive interview with the lady behind lavish Nude Noir party antics, Madame Noir, right here.


Those wishing to attend should write a charming letter to Madame Noir on requesting consideration





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