We Tried Indian Food Based On The 'Science Of Life'

tula food delivery london designmynight review

Rich dishes with body in mind are what Tula do best.

I'll be honest, I haven't spent much time thinking about the 'science of life'; honestly, I've not spent much time thinking about anything other than the washing pile during lockdown. So how can I expand my horizons? Zahid Hai thinks that it's possible through your gut. 

An Indian food delivery service (only launched in June 2020) with ancient Ayurvedic principles at heart, Zahid has not only cultivated dishes that look towards the principles of balance, he and his team have utilised these ideals into a questionnaire that recommends dishes based on your dosha (you'll fill them in on everything from frame to mental wellbeing around your consumption of food). My dosha? The pitta: 'Pitta personalities have a warm body temperature, a fiery energy and a strong appetite'. SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT. 

tula food delivery london review

Tula's prawn dish leaves a lasting impression in all the right ways.

Delivered from dark kitchens, pre-cooked but cold (great for leaving in the fridge and heating up when you're ready), the dishes sent to me based on my dosha were specific to body type and personality, and, what you came here for... DELICIOUS. A Lagan Nu Ishtew rang of quality, flooded with yam, potato, carrot and jaggery, while Beetroot Pulao was light, endearing in its fluffiness and elevated with a touch of mint. I also cheekily asked to try out the Jhinga Miriwale (tiger prawns with black and green peppercorns) and would advocate cheekiness from here on out: plump and bursting with flavour, the sharp tang on these prawns remains one of the stand out experiences from my meal. 

With bloating non-existent and all dishes holding their weight on the plate, I was overly impressed with both the quality and fundamentals combined. 

Will I be skipping the washing pile for the science of life? When it tastes this good? It's a doozy.

Tula Food is available online, and is delivered cold, leaving the final prep step to you. Find more information on Tula deliveries across South West London here. For more delivery ideas in London, check out DeliverMyNight.