Is one of London's best vegetarian buffet restaurants worth the hype? We tried Tibits

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

tibits vegetarian restaurant review london

Colourful plates that stay the course can be found at Tibits. 

There'll be days like this my mumma said: by 'days like these', she in fact meant 'shit show afternoons where you're late for everything, concentrate on nothing, and see the buffet as quite the British disaster'. Admittedly, I was going in to Tibits knowing that I often hate the buffet concept. A bit of a Marmite scenario for me, I can't decide if lasagne topped with sushi is full o' fun, or a damn fluster that should be reserved for the swift. Tibits Bankside just so happened to make my mind up for me. 

A pretty spot decorated in floral wallpaper, with a dining space set away from the buffet area itself? Tibits was already scoring points. After grabbing a plate, I piled on £14 worth of weighed goods, all vegan and vegetarian; I'll start by saying that Tibits is a little more on the steep side, but end it on an explanation on how far they have gone to secure amazing dishes. 

One of the only vegetarian buffet restaurants in London, Tibits are allowed to be zealous when it comes to pushing their meat-free agenda: fresh, locally grown and 100% cruelty free. But it's not without reward; cramming my plate with everything from a humble pea pasta and mashed potato, to falafel, spring rolls and a tangy salad, not only was I excited to meander the table, I could travel from Morocco to China in one sitting. While the cuisine is a curation from all over the world, the differing dishes all have one thing in common: not a single piece lacked in flavour or effort.

The hype? They've earned it.

Tibits have a range of locations across London, boasting both vegetarian and vegan dishes alike. Try out their roster of vegan wines, and some of the best mashed potato in the biz.