Mother always warned me against the beguiling influence of a tall, dark and handsome stranger. Whilst I've always done my best to keep a clear head around beautiful things, little did I know that the victim of my latest infatuation would take gastronomical form: cue then, my intoxicating foray into the delights of One Canada Square.

The Venue:

Sitting pretty at the base of the financial centre of the universe, One Canada Square is quite the catch. The decor offers a pleasing contrast of green-washed marble, rich wooden panelling and art-deco style detailing: unashamedly decadent, it fast becomes clear that the restaurant has inherited both the grandeur and the pedigree of its surroundings. That said, at no point does one feel the need to acknowledge its positioning at the base of the most iconic office buildings in London; rather, the space feels magnificently independent. We pass through the informal bar area and take our seats in a smart dining space that is housed towards the rear of the venue.

One Canada Square Canary Wharf

Maintaining a relaxed ambiance, One Canada Square lives up to its prestigious postcode. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele: 

One Canada Square does not succumb to any pretentious influence; rather, it maintains an air of both humility and warmth, an impressive feat in light of it's oh-so-coveted location. A mixed crowd of smartly dressed professionals fill the comfortably sized bar area: from upstairs, we hear the relaxed chatter of a private function, a pleasant clamour that adds to the friendly ambiance of the restaurant. 

Undoubtedly the second most impressive part of our experience at One Canada Square was the spectacular service provided by our waitress. Always on hand to provide insight as to the unique dishes on the menu, and offer a liberal top up of glasses, her presence was felt but in no way overbearing. 

Slick and utterly sophisticated, One Canada Square is 'hella good lookin'.

The Food & Drink:

A spectacular feast of rich and palatable flavours, we began our foray into the exquisite menu on offer at One Canada Square. We began with one of their speciaility pre-starter nibbles: a black spotted gull egg, served with homemade condiments and delightfully displayed in a straw nest. This palate cleanser was both striking and indulgent. This was followed by an exquisite serving of Suffolk venison fillet, dressed with wild garlic mousseline and a seed vinaigrette, alongside a splendid salad, crafted using chargrilled gem heart, avocado, cheese and toasted pine nuts. 

A delightful serving of chargrilled gem heart, avocado, cheese and toasted pine nuts.

Our main took the form of two forty five day aged Cumbrian shorthorn rib steaks, each served with a béarnaise sauce and hand cooked chips; the meat was particularly flavoursome and cooked just as we had requested. Throughout the evening, we supped away on one of their home made wines; a real treat for the tastebuds and dangerously moreish. It is clear that the waiting staff at One Canada Square take great pride in attention to detail, offering an alternative glass of wine alongside each course to complement and encourage the potency of the flavours, a touch that really added to the overall experience. 


Utterly enchanting and downright delicious, One Canada Square is one heck of a bar and restaurant. Canary Wharf's most exquisite eatery, I well and truly fell victim to its lustful advances, satisfying sensory desires with the winning formula of fine wine, rich grub and a nest filled with curious little eggs.