A New Jewel For Mojito Fans

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By Dylan Franks.

The ever-increasing volume of new bars and clubs opening across London has sparked a wave of already established venues stepping up to the plate by changing certain aspects of their sites. Some will change menus, others will change their look, but some of the most impressive undertakings are when a venue changes everything. Jewel Bar in Piccadilly is such a place, but face-lifts are not always the right way (ask any ex-model aged 60+). I went down to Jewel Bar to check out the new features and well…read on and find out.


Jewel Bar
The Drinks

The first new feature is the cocktail menu; with a fresh selection of drinks that aim to encompass a wide variety of classic cocktails. They have really captured the versatility of the increasingly popular spirit of choice – rum. Music to my ears! I looove a bit of Rum! This comes in the shape of the many different mojito choices. Notably the Watermelon, Strawberry, Wimbledon and Champagne Mojitos. I only had time to try the Watermelon and Champagne ones…both hit the spot for me. All in all there are no less than 11 adaptations of this classic cocktail, making Jewel Bar a mecca for all mojito fans. And as there are more than 40 cocktails on the menu; if mojitos aren’t your thing, the strength and depth of the menu will most definitely keep you interested.


The Bar at Jewel

A New Look

The décor changes are amongst the most impressive new features. Now, I must admit, I never actually visited the original Jewel Bar and the comparison is based on images of the old Jewel, but the aesthetic improvements are impressive. Their popular Blanca Bar has been completely transformed into an Ibiza-style lounge, complete with lanterns and white drapes. The Moroccan themed private room, The Ruby, has undergone a complete revamp consisting of new intimate drinking booths, decorations and a general sprucing up. Grand scenes from Moulin Rouge sprang to mind…I kept my eye out for Ewan McGregor but no joy this time.


A slick and chic new look



Jewel bar already has a very good reputation for its nicely varied cocktail menu served up by their talented mixologists but perhaps it had rested on its laurels for a bit too long.  The revamp at Jewel encompasses great design, friendly service, and an air of exclusivity without the intimidation or pretense that one finds in some of the capital’s more stylish establishments. With all of this in mind a complete renovation can only mean exciting things. Now leave me to it as I’ve got to get back to those 9 other Mojitos.