New bar spy - Firezza Soho

Firezza turn up the heat this April, opening a new site on Soho's Dean Street

Firezza Soho

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April '17

What they say:

The prestigious Firezza name is expanding its pizza empire to Soho this April, promising Central London the same authentic, Neapolitan slices that's served the chain so well. Armed with a wood-fired oven, the venue's chefs will use 100% natural dough and an array of vegetables, sliced meats and Italian cheeses to create an impressive line-up of tasty pizzas.  As champions of social eating and crucial to creating a laidback environment, the venue will encourage all its guests to order huge pizzas that have been slice into squares and are ideal for sharing.

What we say:

The words Firezza and pizza just seems to go hand in hand. The restaurant chain has established a reputation for itself by serving these authentic pizzas and will undoubtedly deliver the same high standard of food that's come to define its identity in its new Soho digs. Wood-fired pizzas are in no way a radically new thing in London, but we reckon the brand, love of simplicity and vigour for social dining that drives Firezza will help to establish the venue in a bustling area like Soho.