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Plates is a plant based food studio and restaurant delivering completely natural dishes


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Now Open

What they say:

 A unique new concept has landed in Kingsland Road in the form of Plates. The place is a ‘plant-based food studio and restaurant’, which is only open to the public on Saturday evening. For the rest of the days, they work with clients and brands to deliver artistic, plant-based catering and content; basically, using their fully natural ingredients and artistic direction to create unique products. They also play host to an artist in residency, showcasing the work of photographers and artists.

What we say:

The venue has quite the pedigree behind it. Coming to you from Kirk and Keeley Haworth (siblings!), Keeley takes care of the creative side, whereas Kirk is the Executive Chef, having worked at places like The French Laundry, Restaurant Sat Bains and The Square, and has been trained by his Michelin-starred father Nigel Haworth. The dishes and drinks are created using exclusively organic vegetables and fruits, as well as wild herbs, making sure every dish is cooked without meat, fish, gluten, dairy or refined sugar.