A Night At Nobu: What Sleeping & Eating At This Luxury Shoreditch Hotel Is Really Like

Nobu? You've heard of it. A favourite of the sushi-obsessed Kardashians, Nobu is a global name known for luxury, and famous owner, chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who opened his very first site way back in 1973. Since then? A domination that spans Moscow, Malibu and the shelves of bookstores globally. 

In Shoreditch? A piece of architecture by Ben Adams that marries concrete, bronze, timber and glass creating a jutting feature that fits with Nobu's ability to blend in, but also stand out.

nobu hotel review shoreditch

The last golden sink I'll ever use?

Welcomed to a reception area littered with delicate prints and booming bronze features, Nobu presents luxury in an instant, as we're taken to our room by the concierge because, sadly, we were *those* guests, who couldn't use their unique key entry system. 

The dark and discreet hallways hide the fresh luxury behind every door, as our hotel room celebrated a classic Japanese utilisation of space, with all corners smartly catered for, including an almost gallery-like presentation of a petite tetsubin tea set. The bathroom deserved its own applause, with a gold sink surrounded by fresh white textures and bamboo accents throughout, but my highest praise is reserved for the sheets, sliding doors with a view of east London's rooftops, and complimentary welcome chocolates, definitely those. 

nobu cocktail review shoreditch

Nobu's cocktail bar makes its own entrance.

After we were done freshening up in the room, the concierge directed us down *that* flight of stairs towards Nami, the hotel's cocktail bar, complete with sunken terrace and impressive Japanese-led backbar. For me? A yuzu and apple martini, while my husband tried an impressive house margarita, stained duck yellow thanks to the turmeric included. 

Moving from the cocktail bar to the restaurant (only a few feet away), all guests are welcomed with a belting 'Irasshaimase!'. While I thought this was a special touch reserved for my husband and I, all diners are greeted in the same fashion, bringing life and a friendly jolt to each entrance.

The restaurant continues the theme of classic interiors with subtle vibrancy, as we hunkered down for cold dishes, hot dishes and a few Nobu must-trys. My favourites? The crispy rice with salmon (£20), the renowned black cod miso (enough to serve three in my opinion), and the soft shell crab maki (£14.50), all elite in flavour upon arrival to the table. The only critique? Nobu do not cater well for vegans or vegetarians, and I doubt they ever will. But that's okay, you do you Nobu, as long as you keep that crispy rice on the menu.

nobu sushi restaurant review shoreditch

Dine on a menu dedicated to Japenese and Peruvian influences combined.

Finishing our stay back in the room, with Roadhouse on the telly (if you know, you know) and a glass of Champagne in hand, I was already Googling the scent that Nobu uses in their hallways, the sheets they cover the bed with, and how much for another stay, another time.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

If you jump on any Kardashian trend, it should be Nobu. From what I got from my entire stay, Nobu clearly hasn't climbed the ranks thanks to its social shares, but rather its sheer commitment to being the very best. And even though its empire covers cookbooks, cruises and the Las Vegas strip, which might scare you into thinking that from expansion comes saturation? Take it from me, Nobu's crown is deserving.

  💰 The damage: Around £600 for dinner and a hotel stay.

  📍  The location: 10-50 Willow St, London EC2A 4BH.

  👌 Perfect for: The ultimate experience of what luxury in London has to offer.

 ⭐ Need to know: There's a secret sunken cocktail garden.


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