Have we found London's best goat's cheese dish?

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

brindisa shoreditch tapas in london

Don't let the simple set up of this dish fool you, it's dressed up, cheese perfection.

I've been trying to banish the dairy devil in me for some time now, but on an invite to try out Brindisa Shoreditch, I was going to find out that this was way harder than a simple bottle of soy milk could suggest.

One of the most charming restaurants on Curtain Road, Brindisa's location may mean many a Shoreditch stumbler, but it stands out as one of the only tapas restaurants in the area. Walking through their fresh, simple and aerated restaurant to the terrace out back, we could have been dining on the streets of Seville for all we'd known thanks to a balmy 28 degrees and the muted orange palette of the space.

Priding themselves on the authentic hospitality and flavours of Spain, it was nice to see that Brindisa don't shy away from the tapas classics of the country. Tapas has no beginning, middle or end, so we threw ourselves at Brindisa with no holds barred. Sharing between us the patatas bravas with alioli at £5, the gambas al ajillo (prawns in garlic oil), the padron peppers, the potato and onion omelette with alioli and the monte enebro or rtisan goat’s cheese, orange blossom honey at £7.95, there were two stand out dishes. Unlike any goat's cheese i'd ever had before, the crisp edges and the honey glaze added an unstoppable element to the dish that will have cheese lovers queuing around the block. The prawns also topped the list thanks to subtle garlic hints and juicy stance. I'm also a sucker when the running theme is alioli, so there's that. 

There's credit in the cocktail department at Brindisa too, as a notable drink came in the shape of the Membrillini (a Membrillo Martini at £9) with quince paste, Ketel One vodka, triple sec & lemon juice. Perfect for short drink lovers that enjoy a tart element to their drinks, this was perfect for our Spanish terrace experience.

Brindisa Shoreditch can be found at 152 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3AT, just shy of Old Street Station. Why not try their rice brunch for something a little different?