Street XO Chef David Muñoz brings his Michelin stars to London, opening Street XO in Mayfair
15 Old Burlington Street, London, W1S 2JL
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What they say:

Hoping to recreate the success of its Michelin-starred big sister restaurant in Madrid, Street XO will open in Mayfair this November, offering visitors a chance to experience the creative thinking and imagination of chef David Muñoz. Having travelled around the world and sampled a number of different culinary experiences, Muñoz's menu is composed of an amalgamation of Asian, European and South American recipes and flavours. From Pekinese dumplings and strawberry Hoi Sin to crunch pig's ear and an exquisite club sandwich, few parts of the world are left untouched by his intriguing menu.  

What we say:

The grand opening of Street XO just around the corner and we're already struggling to contain our excitement. Chef Muñoz has three Michelin stars already under his belt and is certainly something of a prodigy in some of the world's biggest culinary circles. With a reputation for turning heads and shocking his diners, we're certain his menu of weird treats and head-scratching dishes are sure to succeed. Expect to see your jaw hit the ground as each plate is placed in front of you.