Bocconcino Italian comfort foods come to Mayfair
19 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8ED
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Bocconcino is an eatery of Italian comfort foods, traditional culinary methods and home cultivated tastes. With dishes inspired by Tuscan cuisine and a huge array of pizzas crafted with true Italian spirit, Bocconcino serves up authentic flavour combinations in an industrial-chic setting. Taking up a spot on Mayfair's block, this restaurant is a slice of refined dining with a rustic edge. 

What we say:

Nurturing an artisan approach to Italian cooking, Bocconcino does well to create an authentic culinary experience with an open kitchen showcasing a team of pizzaiolos kneading, tossing and piling on the toppings of 30 odd pizza combinations. Now, that is some serious skill. If you're a sucker for some heavenly slices or those delicious homemade pasta dishes then Bocconcino is London's freshest Italian venture to wrap your tastebuds round. The wine and cocktail list won't go a miss either!