Brexit may have cast a shadow of doubt across London’s financial district but that hasn’t stopped steakhouse Kitty Hawk from laughing in the face of adversity. I’ve taken Brexit ‘advice’ from know-it-all millennials and ignorant pensioners, but none have matched the guidance given to me by those collecting glasses, pouring drinks and serving up food at Kitty Hawk; keep calm and eat steak.

The Venue and Atmosphere

Between Liverpool Street and Moorgate tube stations, Kitty Hawk finds itself at the mercy of workers with intense schedules and large appetites. Rather than shying away from the demands of their clientele, Kitty Hawk has opened an exciting restaurant alongside two large bars and a coffee shop to become the city workers’ modern refuge.

The large, open plan ground floor offers breakfast options before providing a range of light bite accompaniments later in the day. There’s an air of sophistication that helps blend city drinking with a casual pub influence (freestanding fireplace included) so that guests are encouraged to enjoy their visit at their own, leisurely speed. Downstairs, in the stylish basement, things go up a gear and get a little more serious. The flexible space is flanked by changeable booths, a cocktail bar and walls stocked with wine.

The downstairs restaurant is relaxed, slow-paced and classy but it's the warm attitude of the staff that makes sure this spot is just as inclusive as a casual diner. They take pride in offering traditional, five-star service and are more than willing to go the extra mile (and even make sure you eat your greens).

kitty hawk restaurant review london

Kitty Hawk looks to be one of the most luxe places to drink and dine in the city.

The Food and Drink

Whilst the devil on my shoulder lured me towards an entire Mezze Board (£12.95) to start (it had been a hungry hard day), my friend suggested I be a little more level headed and order starters by-way-of the west country. Seared scallops with sauteed pancetta and a crab salad with spicy chilli mayo were in order; they were light, appetising and equally as delicious.

I’d seen a few dishes on other tables and was tempted to continue with our seafood inspired journey but could not drag myself away from the overwhelming urge to tuck into a juicy beef steak. Each cut is served with all your essentials; chunky chips, pan-fried tomatoes and balsamic, glazed red onion. Neither the 10oz marinated rib eye (£32.95) with creamy peppercorn sauce or the 8oz sirloin steak smothered in fiery chimichurri salsa were too heavy. Instead, they were tender, filling and worthily steak-ed their claim as being the restaurant’s tour de force.

Red wine has always been an enigma to me but I can now confidently say I’ve seen the Malbec light. Casa Juanita from Mendoza, Argentina served as the perfect accompaniment to my medium-rare dish. Whilst there’s also an inventive Seven Deadly Gins cocktail menu to help let the demons loose, we rounded off the meal with a couple of classic Tosolini Espresso at £11 for that final hit.

kitty hawk steak in london

Kitty Hawk leave no stone unturned when it comes to serving steak. 


Markets might be in turmoil, citizens confused and politicians perplexed but steak at Kitty Hawk remains really, bloody good. The popularity of this stylish location lies with its fine wines, succulent food and thriving atmosphere; it’s safe to say we had a night of it, and won't be shying away from a second visit.