New bar spy - Flora Indica

New restaurant comes abloom in Kensington with plant-based dishes

Flora Indica

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What they say:

A foray into all things foliage, Flora Indica have worked on the strength of botanical flavours and historic plant studies to conjure up a venue of rustic plates, fresh fare and antiquarian style. A walk through the Victorian woods, not only is Flora Indica to boast its own restaurant and cocktail bar, there's set to be a 70 strong extra bar below brimming with speciality gin and punch in the confines of Kensington elegance and charm. 

What we say:

While healthy eating harbors no bounds these days, there's a new restaurant in Kensington that plans to work with the earth by means of getting you to gorge your greens. Conjuring up plates of hand-dived scallops with a juniper-coconut milk, and Tamworth pork vindaloo with purple ginger, Flora Indica's research into botanical grub seems second to none, and all in a realm of Victorian confines at that. This is sure to be a botanical belter for those with a passion for plants and thoughtfully sourced food.