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Supperclub maestro opens Vietnamese CôBa restaurant on York Way


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Now Open

What they say:

Serving traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist, CôBa is the newest restaurant to open on York Way. From delicious, barbecued meats served on a bed of noodles, to delectable tea and sorbet-based cocktails, the culinary team aim to bring the vibrant tastes and sensations of the Far East to North London's humble streets. Inspired by his mother's cooking, this venue is the brainchild of Table For Ten supperclub owner Damon Bui. Bursting full of life and fantastic flavours, say Xin Chào! to this new Islington restaurant.

What we say:

The clash of old and new is the latest craze to sweep through London. A fusion of different times and different flavours, CôBa twists and contorts a number of authentic Vietnamese dishes out of shape, adding a 21st century, metropolitan feel to things. Consistent with London's apetite for trying new things, the rise of Vietnamese cuisine has been staggering over the last few years. Fresh and exciting dishes line up alongside a range of tea and sorbet based cocktails. Walking the fine line of tradition and bold creation perfectly, CôBa brings vibrant drinking and dining to a stripped back, quaint location.