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Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson is opening a vegan restaurant with a yoga studio

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What they say:

Did your life become significantly worse when Lucy Watson, Queen of the Side Eye and Thrower of Drinks, left Made In Chelsea? Because you’re about to get some very good news. Not only is she opening a new restaurant with her sister Tiffany, but she’s also offering a fully-vegan menu and a hireable studio for, of course, yoga! (and other private events…). Considering the former reality star is both a known advocate for animal rights and an author of her very own vegan cookbook, this is probably going to go better than a relationship with Spencer Matthews.

What we say:

The menu aims to be as ethically sourced as possible and completely vegan, from the food to the beers. You can expect dishes like vegan fish and chips, which is made from breaded banana blossom and cashew tartare sauce, and a hangover-healthy chicken bites, created from hemp and sunflower crumb. The drinks are similarly guilt-free, and are an Instagram-friendly collection of coffee, cocktails and beer.