Having only been open since May this year, Hanger SW6 is situated in the perfect location with the greatest formula for a dinner date - steak and cocktails. “We love beef. There, we said it and we said it boldly, without apology”, too bloody right!

The Venue

Effortlessly cool, minimalist, and unfussy, the restaurant has a rustic chilled out vibe that suits them down to a tee. Only a few minutes walk from Fulham Broadway station, it’s the perfect place to go for a casual dinner or a quick bite at lunch. It started to get busier the longer we sipped on our cocktails, and everyone was there for two things: the vibe and the steak.

Hanger SW6 has a secret as well. A bar in the basement, with a distinct speakeasy feeling, you can enjoy your dinner, then head downstairs for music and cocktails. It truly is the complete venue for the whole night. Why go anywhere else?

Minimalist, bright and inviting; Hanger is one good-looking place to head for dinner and cocktails.

The Atmosphere

Hanger SW6 is a relaxed restaurant, and it oozes that chilled out vibe that most people are looking for on a Saturday. Even though tables were filling up fast with both small and big groups of people, it still kept the same laid-back pace as when it was quieter. I’m not the type of person that enjoys loud and busy places, and this was a nice change from most restaurants I’ve visited on a weekend.

The staff were also incredibly friendly and knew the menu back to front, helping with recommendations for their unique cocktails and food. Good staff always make the experience so much nicer, and the fact they put in that extra effort really made the place feel even more welcoming.

Enjoy those easy-going vibes then retreat to the intimate basement bar below.

The Food

A small and simple menu, focused mainly on, you guessed it, the hanger cut. Having less options to choose from meant that the chef had perfected everything.

To say my boyfriend and I are steak fans is an understatement, so we were really keen to see what they could do with the menu. Starting off with scallop ceviche (£7.00) and the salt beef croquettes (£5.50), we knew we were in for a winner. The scallops came as a salad with an almost oriental taste of soy sauce and sesame seeds, which when combined, was a little taste of seafood heaven. The salt beef croquettes were just as amazing, with a generous helping of Dijon mustard served on the side to bring out the full flavour.

Now for the main course; I have eaten a lot of steak in my time, so when it comes down to how it’s cooked, seasoned and prepared, I would say I’m a bit of a snob. We both ordered the charcoal grilled hanger steak (£11.00 small, £20.00 large). The staff talk you through how they recommend it being cooked, and I would take their recommendation (they know what they’re doing). It was cooked to perfection, and I would even go as far as to say it's the best steak I have ever eaten. Sliced into chunky, thick slabs, it was mouth-wateringly tender. I could go on for ages, but I’m feeling a bit sad that I’m not having this steak for dinner tonight.

With a side of triple cooked chips (£3.50) and spiced mac ‘n’ cheese (£3.50), it was the ideal combination. The mac ‘n’ cheese had a slight kick to it, with a crispy parmesan coating on the top, every inch was covered with cheesy goodness. The triple cooked chips were seasoned well and were ideal to dip in the steak sauces we had chosen (hanger relish and mushroom ketchup, both £1.50).

Ending the meal with dessert is a must. The waitress confirmed I had made the right decision choosing the chocolate orange brownie (£5.50), I couldn’t wait. Warm, with cornflake ice cream and chocolate sauce, this brownie was to die for. It had the perfect flavour to complement the main and starter, and it doesn’t leave you with that ‘too much sweetness’ sickness. A great way to end the meal.

Beautifully tender chunks of meat cooked to perfection makes this one of the best steak eateries in London.


Food coma induced, cocktail glasses empty, and faces that signified satisfaction, we contemplated the sheer value for money. Hanger SW6 is a place to watch out for, with lots of plans on the table including lunchtime deals, speakeasy events, and brunch menus, it's definitely one to check out for all you meat lovers. This is one restaurant that is seriously going places!