The Wild Game Co. It’s game on for meaty new restaurant opening on Charlotte Street
65 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PQ
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What they say:

There's no cling wrapped, neatly diced, was-that-ever-an-animal meat sacrilege going down under The Wild Game Co.'s watch. After proving their protein with multiple awards on the street food market including Young British Foodies Street Food Award 2012-2013, they're ready to cut the mustard with a good old fashioned restaurant! Using innovative and creative flavour combinations, The Wild Meat Co. is bringing game to the (now comfortably seated rather than curb loitering) diner. 

What we say:

The greedy tummies of Londoner's have been grumbling ever louder for that distinctive gamey flavour. Although there has been a sprinkling of market stalls and eateries pushing home that deep, rich meaty comfort, The Wild Meat Co.'s obsession for venison pushes itself into the forefront. Heck, they can even tell you where and by whom that slab of meat you're tucking into was killed! Don't freak's not like you're meeting it at a dinner party. But seriously (and we are VERY serious about meat), considering the utterly delectable produce and impressive acclaim of the company we'll be the first booking!