Emilia's: Crafted Pasta Could Emilia's be London's hottest new pasta restaurant?
Unit C3 Ivory House, London, E1W 1AT
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

A new name on the scene looking to combat with London's already popular pasta restaurants the likes of Padella, Emilia's Crafted Pasta heads to the charming whim of St Katherine's Dock for a 35 strong restaurant that promises freshly made pasta on site and a hardy roster of Italian friendly drinks. 

What we say:

As someone that has attempted (use the word limply and loosely) to invent their own pasta app, taken sabbaticals from pasta and bought pasta shaped like a moose at £4, I know all too well what pasta does to people; what with the potential to open expand the brand, Emilia's has a lot going for it in the way of an intimate dining space, St Katherine's Dock spot and freshly made dishes-cum-pasta on site.