New bar spy - Mriya Neo Bistro

Ukrainian Chef To Launch West London Restaurant Staffed By Refugees From The War

Published . By Lauren Cole.

Mriya Neo Bistro


TBC August

Mriya (translating to 'dream') is the debut restaurant of Ukrainian chef, Yurii Kovryzhenko, and his wife, Olga Tsybytovska; an ode to the hope their nation has of ending the war. Having travelled from Kyiv for an event at the London embassy, they found themselves stranded due to the fighting. The couple's next move? To raise hundreds of pounds through collaborations with the likes of Jamie Oliver, Jason Atherton and Tom Kitchin, before throwing open the doors to their own venue this month.

Not only will Mriya Neo Bistro be staffed by refugees, but the menu also combines classic and contemporary cuisine. Expect kabachkovi oladky (courgette pancakes) to come alongside smoked trout and soft stracciatella, instead of the traditional sour cream, as well as a homely take on borsch with porcini mushrooms and duck. Accompanying the scrumptious offering is a choice of wines from Ukraine or infused vodka pairings.

Ukrainian-inspired roasts? In the near future, these guys have plans to whip up exactly that using tasty barbecued meats. Safe to say, we're practically drooling already.

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