Chicago Rib Shack Clapham Gets A Taste Of Chicago's Secret Recipe
Arch 642 Voltaire Road, London, SW4 6DH
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What they say:

The Chicago Rib Shack claim that "there is more to BBQ than just pouring a little ketchup and Tabasco sauce on some meat and grilling it." Damn straight, and with years of experience in American barbecuing, these guys have dominated the food court scene in London's biggest shopping centres. But they've decided that now is the time to go the whole hog and open a new place of their own; thus, the shack is back, and better than ever before. Retaining found Bob Payton's dedication to good quality meat and guarding their secret recipes closely, the Chicago Rib Shack opened its doors to the people of Clapham on the 21st July.

What we say:

While American fast food is everywhere in London, you need to make room in your bellies for this genuine offering from the Chicago Rib Shack. Their brand is heavily focused on family values; remembering their roots, their founder and the people who helped them get to where they are today. This loyalty to tradition is also evident in their food and drink; using secret recipe BBQ sauce, local butchers for their meat and age-old smoking techniques really sets this brand apart from the competition. We're also really excited for their cocktail menu, which is a first for these guys. We certainly can't imagine any image more alluring than reclining deep into a leather booth, cocktail in hand, exhausted after attacking a big pile of succulent ribs, and we bet you can't either.