Paradise Garage Chef Robin Gill opens idyllic Paradise Garage in Bethnal Green
254 Paradise Row, London, E2 9LE
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What they say:

After successfully launching The Dairy and The Manor restaurants in South London, Chef Robin Gill shifts his focus to East London, opening Paradise Garage in Bethnal Green. Based under the railway arches on Paradise Row, this latest project will hope to return a bit of tradition to this otherwise forward-looking and progressive part of town. Expect a menu bursting full of the flavours of Britain, be it authentic pastry desserts or a home-cooked British Lamp roast served with seasonal vegetables and an array of sweetbreads. To complete the culinary experience, Tutto wines will be providing an impressive list of Italian-grown wines, which perfect complement the flavours of Chef Gill's dishes. 

What we say:

Paradise Row is already a thriving part of town and boasts a number of well-established restaurants and bars; the experience of Chef Gill will definitely prove useful here. Railway archways are proving to be massively popular nowadays as a location for trendy new bar and restaurants serving unique dishes and drinks. Surprisingly, Paradise Garage is able to refreshingly combine its passion for British traditions and heritage with this fashionable trend that has come to be associated with restaurants located under archways. With a team of experience chefs and a bumper menu, it'll definitely reach the same level of success as Chef Gill's other ventures.