New bar spy - Tortilleria El Pastor

El Pastor Gets A Second Location In Bermondsey

Tortilleria El Pastor

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Late March

What they say:

The follow up to Borough's El Pastor taqueria, Tortilleria El Pastor is a taco bar and tortilla 'factory' a hair's breadth from Maltby Street Market. Serving up the same delicious tacos we've come to expect from its sister restaurant, the tortilleria site will specialise in making authentic tortillas from scratch, using only the best Mexican heirloom corn. Alongside being used to wrap up all the restaurant's delicious menu options, the tortillas will also be available to take away, as well as deli-style selection of salsas, chillies, cheeses and more, for customers looking to prepare their own El Pastor dinner at home.

What we say:

Joining a host of popular Mexican eateries in the SE1 area, the second site from the El Pastor brand, is set to be your new favourite taco spot. Serving up a small and eclectic selection, the restaurant prides itself on its homemade Mexican heirloom corn tortillas, which are available for customers to take away. Unlike the original Borough location, the Bermondsey site will offer sopes, thick corn dough cakes which can be covered with a range of toppings and ingredients.