The Old Blue Last London - Pub Review

The Old Blue Last is known for being rowdy. Like really rowdy. With this wild reputation in mind, it seemed like a good idea to check out the venue myself. An iconic live music venue that's seen some of the biggest names around in recent years, much was to be expected from this Shoreditch pub.

The Venue

A mammoth venue in the heart of Shoreditch, The Old Blue Last leaves quite the impression even from a distance. Spread over two floors, the first floor is more of a relaxed affair whilst upstairs is where it all kicks off. When not hosting gigs, it's used as a clubbing space with electrifying DJ sets playing a roster of Deep House and Techno tunes. Though less spacious, it conversely has more room as most people tend to stay downstairs, but it is most definitely the heart and soul of the venue.

The Old Blue Last is an iconic venue in the heart of Shoreditch.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

A young and lively crowd frequent The Old Blue Last, largely dominating its clientele. The atmosphere is very conflicting depending on what floor you're on, meaning you're very likely to get two diverse crowds. One looking for a more casual drink downstairs in the bar, with the other looking for more of an intense evening upstairs. Nonetheless, however you decide to spend your evening, you're guaranteed an awesome night out. 

The downstairs area is generally a lot calmer than upstairs, and is a really cosy spot.

The Music

Music is a big deal at The Old Blue Last, that much I hope I've conveyed. The pub has hosted some of the biggest breakthrough acts the UK has seen in the last ten years, with Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, Lily Allen, Hot Chip and Simian Mobile Disco amongst some of the many to have made their names here. They continue to host great new talent, and the pub is easily one of the best places in town to spot the brightest talents.

On the night I visited, sadly there was no live music. There was however some pretty left-field techno being played by a DJ upstairs, which even though I enjoyed it, shows the diverse nature of The Old Blue Last's music policy. Something I find very refreshing.

You can expect live music on most nights, with upstairs also hosting a range of DJs.


With so many venues in the area charging entry fees now, it's refreshing to know some places are still free to get into, even on a Friday night. This is just one of the many alluring features of The Old Blue Last, which has ensured its popularity over the years and remains a true Shoreditch institution.