The Hour Glass Traditional Pub the Hour Glass rolls back the times in Kensington
279-283 Brompton Road, Kensington, SW3 2DY
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What they say:

The Hour Glass is the latest addition to Brompton Road's well-establish pub and bar scene. Based in one of the most sought after postcodes in the whole of London, it hopes to bring a bit of tradition back to an area that's bursting full of history and heritage. The deep mahogany furniture and elegant fireplaces add a distinctly rustic feeling to this spot, making it an ideal place to unwind after a long week at work. To complete the already spectacular deal, their team of talented bartenders and chefs have produced a menu that oozes tradition. From exquisite roast meals to home-brewed ales and beer, the Hour Glass has all the ingredients for a great evening out with the family.

What we say:

Kensington is always a difficult culinary market to break into, what with its many gastro-pubs, gourmet restaurants and sleek bars. Of course, this idea of bringing a tradition back to the heart of a chic, urban area is nothing new. Although the Hour Glass is overwhelmingly inspired by the 19th century village taverns in rural England, it certainly has it's modern aspects. Scattered across the venue are low-hanging light bulbs, contemporary art and the sleek, squeaky clean feel of any West London hangout. Think of it as 21st century tradition, a wonderful clash between old and new. What might separate this joint from it's fellow competitors is the venue's close ties to The Brompton Food Market. Taking advantage of the market's fresh produce, the Hour Glass is set to become a name familiar to West London's revelers.