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The Crown and Anchor


Now Open

What they say:

The Crown and Anchor in Brixton, is a newly opened pub in London which offers a large selection of Real Ale, Craft Beer, Cider and Premium Lager. They promise an ever-changing selection of products on their list and to regularly deal with new brewers from not only the UK, but from right across the globe. The Crown and Anchor also want us to taste great beers paired with delicious food, so with the exception of a few regular dishes their menu changes on a daily basis to suit the beerThe Crown and Anchor is offering a warm and welcoming space where you can sit back, relax with your mates, and enjoy really good beers and food.

What we say:

The Crown and Anchor is a new real ale bar in London. The pub offers up no less than twenty four beers on tap, but also seven real ales and three tasty ciders on hand pumps. The Crown and Anchor is really a traditional affair, so there are no massive TV screens and thus no possibility to be disturbed by football lovers while you are enjoying a delicious pint of beer. Well situated on Slade Gardens, it’s a perfect place to kick back with your mates while sipping a fresh beer in a relaxed, friendly and quality beer house.