winterville london victoria park

East London lurches into Christmas as Winterville lands at Victoria Park.

A leafy ground where artisan brunches by the lake, young couples with enough real life dosh to invest in a real life French bulldog, schmoozing around the bandstand and propped up, bunting bound family picnics reign supreme, East London's most lush turf tucks into a little festive spirit this Christmas as Winterville takes to Victoria Park.

An alternative for those that squirm at the thought of the elbow nudging and Scrooge inducing antics that the likes of Winter Wonderland may provide, Winterville's charming and smaller scale affair will boast the charmingly mirthful enviroment that we think ol' WW may, and we mean may, have once had. From an ice rink and ferris wheel, to a roller disco and vintage motorcycles performing death-defying stunts, Victoria Park will defy the colour wheel, boasting a wonderfully white facade of festive tomfoolery and snuggled up fun. Even boasting its own Town Square and Market Place alongside a hot cider bar, craft beer bar and apres-themed ski haunt, Winterville seems to be keeping gullets as toasty as the mittens on your hands will. (Wear mittens would you, it'd be down right adorable)

Not to avoid the East London staple diet of street food, damn delicious traders the likes of Annie Macs, Voodoo Rays and Dorshi will be churning out top tasting morsels alongside a necessary and festive selection of cinnamon laden, icing sprinkled treats that'll keep your sugar hankerings at bay.

So how's about it East London? Let's drag ourselves away from our oven-turned-radiators, hairdryer's-turned-sock warmers and get out on out there. First hot cider is on you, right? I've got rent to pay.

Winterville takes place at Victoria Park from December 2nd until the end of the year. Tickets for selected events are now on sale.