Knocking down the door when it comes to London's events roster, It's Unknown is the experiential events agency that everyone's talking about, and it's easy to see why. From nights that'll have you clinging to your quiz bits, and on stage antics, to comedy capers and immersive, energetic ideas, It's Unknown is a company that warrants being known. Heeeeere's Jonny, as he tells us a little bit more about the company and what's next for the team: 


  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, what It’s Unknown is and where it came from?

I’m a promoter and DJ, I create interactive club nights such as Musical Bingo, Gospeloke, Dance of The Dead and Last Man Standing. The name came from my former job - I was a photographer's agent/producer - We’d just moved premises when BT billed the company addressed ‘Jonny Unknown’. I thought it was hilarious and summed me up so I started using it as a pseudonym.

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Jonny Unknown is the man behind the mask, and some of London's most popular and alternative events.

  • What do you think makes It’s Unknown different from other London entertainment agencies?

I think there is a lot of 'organised fun’ out there, which people are really cynical towards. When we go into a company to party - we do just that, if we’re genuinely having a good time people feed off our energy. Some of our hosts are a bit off the wall and like to take people out of their comfort zone - this makes each event unique. We’re also very conscious of the fact the audience decide if something's good or bad, so being attentive to the energy, making sure they’re on board and knowing when to pull out all the stops is vital.

  • Is there a recurring theme to the events that It’s Unknown host? Or would you consider yourselves an ‘anything goes’ entertainment company?

Yes there’s always a similar vibe running through our shows - be it interactive, immersive, or sometimes a retro idea brought into the future.

  • Do you think London is seeing a spurt of nights that cater to ‘things to do’ rather than just ‘places to go’?

Absolutely, I’m seeing a huge trend for it now! When I began promoting my first club night - Bring & Share (record swapping party) in 2003 there wasn’t much in a similar vein. Now audiences are more open to parties with a difference!

musical bingo it's unknown interview london

Musical Bingo (feature above) is fast earning credit as one of the most unique nights out in the city. 

  • What is the weirdest idea It’s Unknown has ever had for an event in London?

That’s a tough one, we’ve always got ideas bouncing around! For our game show Last Man Standing we set two contestants a challenge entitled “Hen Do”, in which each contestant had to pick up eggs with ice scraper mitts and place in a basket which was tied to their head.

  • What has been your favourite It’s Unknown event to date?

That’s another hard one… Last year we took Dance of the Dead to a new festival called Northbound in Cumbria, it was the closing party and was an incredible high. We’ve also had some unforgettable Gospeloke shows in which people have left feeling like they’ve been ‘spiritually healed’.

  • What next for It’s Unknown as an agency?

We’re now applying the same ethos that runs throughout our shows towards working with brands, helping to communicate their message to consumers. We’re also about to launch a brand new comedy party hosted by Suzanna Gonzo, called Suzanna Gonzo and Friendz. Think TFI Friday meets Live at the Apollo via Little Britain!

Looking to get a piece of the It's Unknown action? That's easy. Buy tickets to Musical Bingo, Suzanna Gonzo and Friendz and Last Man Standing now and experience some of the most unique events in London, first hand. You can also learn more about It's Unknown right here.