Warning: BrewDog's Latest Beer Is #NotForGays

Last updated . By Rebecca O'Malley.

BrewDog are pretty damn cool. No strangers to controversy, these guys have only gone and stuck a massive finger up at Vladimir Putin's very silly and frankly quite upsetting laws on homosexuality ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi - through the universal language of beer.

So rugged. So manly.

Introducing the 'Protest Beer' - a crafty new blend that has been aptly named 'Hello My Name is Vladimir'... and you know what? It's not for gays. That's right - #notforgays. But, unlike mean ol' Putin, these guys wouldn't dream of excluding a whole section of society solely on the grounds of their sexual orientation. Rather, it's a symbol of their support for LGBT communities, undermining the potential of the Winter Olympics to avert attention from Russia's recent legislation surrounding 'homosexual propaganda'. 

The bottle features an Andy Warhol-esque image of smarmy old Putin, glammed up to the nines with a fresh new make over - they've even sent a case of this limited edition beer to Putin himself, and have promised to donate fifty percent of profits from public sale to charities helping oppressed minorities around the world. The beer itself is an 8.2% ABV double IPA containing Russian Limonnik berries, with a warning that it ‘may contain traces of sarcasm’.

As it states so clearly that this bottle is not for gays, it can be fairly assumed that Vlad will absolutely love it.