Proud Wonderland

Quite the funfair of enchanting and cuckoo all rolled into one. 

Celebrating a landmark 150 years of the Lewis Carroll epic, Proud Camden present to you their very own whimsical bar for all to marvel at. Welcome to Proud Wonderland where eccentricities flutter and you can revel in charming quirks at this rooftop spot. 

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and discover a world of cocktails in teapots and all the colours at London's bonkers new bar. Your tumble will lead you to the Mad Hatters weekly Tea Party rife with absurdities, tomfoolery and general gaga behaviours with even some croquet to play. This fantastical realm also boasts the Queen of Hearts VIP Throne Room for 25 of your mates to hire out exclusively where giant playing cards and roses await. Come on then, don't be late and all that lark. 

Set foot in this creative and curious dreamland from April 21st for the duration of the summer until October.