Slap X Tipple

Steadddy. Contrary to its calling neon lights this is a kooky lil cocktail bar, not a seedy basement joint. 

Taking up a spot in The Gallery on the Corner in Battersea you'll find Slap x Tipple - a playground of custom cocktails and light bondage ... totally joking on the latter (obviously). This prudent little pop-up is a tipple only zone for the cocktail enthusiast and 80s/90s culture vulture. 

Inspired by those decades of big hair, double denim fashion and retro dance moves, Slap x Tipple is a bar based on the iconic era films Cocktail and House Party. Venture back to the days when you raided the kitchen cupboards for any and every hard-hitting liquor there was available and drank the night away with you mates while your parents were out of town. Those stolen spirits, the seizing of every opportunity to host one hell of a house party and the horrible hangovers that go along with it all. Ahh, those were the days.

Drink in blissful glee remembering those long forgotten drinking expeditions and bop along to the 80s and 90s hay day playlist of old skool Hip Hop and R'n'B tunes. Their signature cocktail menu comes courtesy of Belvedere Vodka & Vita Coco with some nifty nibbles on hand from Popchips. You best look sharp and drink up folks, everyone loves a bit of tongue in cheek slap 'n' tipple on a weekend. 

Slap x Tipple is open on 28th & 29th November from 6pm 'til midnight.