Like a decidedly adult ice cream van, Meantime Brewery is taking its wares to the road and there's no annoying jingles heralding their way, just the sweet, sweet smell of brewery fresh beer! Plastic glasses of warm, flavourless beer will be a thing of the past at London's summer festivals this year as 'the beer tank' heads on over to provide beer fresh from the UK's largest craft brewery.

Already rolled out to great success by Meantime across three Young's pubs in London, tank beer marks the next innovation in the unrelenting craft beer revolution. With the beer being dispensed directly from specially engineered 5 hectolitre tanks, it remains unpasteurised, unfiltered and unoxidised right up until the second it hits the glass; the results of which are pretty nifty. Expect the smoothest, most flavoursome lager that tastes like drinking straight out of the brewery.

Meantime on Tour

A sneak peek at the magnificent beer tank, coming to a festival near you!

As well as their Brewery Fresh, Meantime will also be taking a range of limited edition and favourite core brews to drinkers in their own backyard. A whopping 5,000 pints of craft beer are expected to be dispensed across the capital at any time.

From the 1st of July, you can see the UK's first mobile tank beer trundling around London every weekend throughout the summer at London's most exciting events. Head to these festivals to get your Meantime fix:

- Truck Stop London: 4-5 July / 5-6 Sept

Kew the Music: 9-14 July 2013

- Lovebox: 19-21 July 2013

- Urban Sessions: 26-27 July / 13-14 Sept

- Meantime Brewfest: 31 July

- Standon Calling: 2-4 August 2013

- Best of Britannia: 3-5 October 2013