#LobsterLondon Comes To Sky Bar

Sky Bar, located on the 28th floor of the Millbank Tower, is expanding its menu with a fresh dining concept, centred around... you guessed it, the mighty lobster. Named simply as '#LobsterLondon' this is a foodie enterprise which is bang on trend, following widespread success at other restaurants across the capital. The venues offers quality seafood cuisine and breathtaking views of the city, with a cocktail list that packs a few punches in its own right.

Guests will be able to enjoy classics such as the Pina Colada, Mojito or Long Island, which all come in at £12. Be sure to try the 'Millbank Melon' - a refreshing blend of coconut infused rum, pineapple juice, orange juice and a dash of grenadine.

skyloft lobsterlondon

Live the dream and check out the views, all while licking butter sauce from your fingers.

The menu contains seven main dishes, each as mouthwatering as the last. Lobster-wise, you can have it one of three ways; 1/2 a lobster with fries and salad (£20), lobster brioche with salad and french fries (£20), or tackle the ultimate 'I Came, I Claw, I Conquered' (£95), a Lobster Tower which is recommended to be split between 3-4 people. If you don't fancy seafood, then there's an array of burger options for you to mull over. The 10oz Angus, Pulled Pork, Cajun Chicken and Mushroom and Garlic Burgers all come in at £20, and come with salad and fries. Sides come in the form of truffle fries (gorgeous), french fries and salad, costing between £3-8.

Now we get to the desserts, if you fancy the challenge. Choose between Banoffee Pie (£6), fresh fruit salad and ice cream (£6), the daily special (£6), or... if you dare, tackle the frighteningly-named 'Chocolate Extravaganza', accompanied on their menu with only the warning "explicit content, if you dare". Bar snacks are also available if you'd rather not eat your body weight in lobster, burgers, fries and puddings. Guests can either book into Sky Bar as usual for a drink... OR book a table for #LobsterLondon (highly recommended).

So if you're looking for a dining experience with a little punch, a little wow factor, and a lot of food, then #LobsterLondon should be right up your alley.