Rain pattering gently against the ceiling, a drink on the table and an absorbing task at hand: Rainy days in London have the potential to be endlessly pleasant. If you know the right places to go, that is. There's no need to dread that tell-tale pitter patter of drizzle; instead, rejoice in the opportunity to check out one of the many establishments gearing themselves towards your entertainment on such damp days. Whether it's a novel experience, a lazy afternoon or a culture injection you're after, London can provide. 

Drink, Shop & Do

This has to be the mother of all rainy day destinations. Beautifully bizarre and endlessly inventive, the activities on offer vary from slovenly to virtuous and everything in between. They're cracking out some superb evening jaunts, with Pocahontus headdress making and Beyonce 'Rule the World' dance classes being busted out from about 7pm. To fill up those tricky afternoon hours, afternoon tea and activities are the way to go. Who's for sarnies and panty embroidery? 

A great opportunity to mingle with similarly frivolous folk and learn essential life skills. 


Giving Scrabble, Monopoly and Cluedo as well as many other lesser known wonders pride of place, Draughts Hackney is piling its shelves high with puzzles, conundrums and table top activities. Because board games are cool; and in a pleasingly fun way, not just an ironically hard work way. Whether you're loosing and boozing or licking it with liquor, board game bars are one of the best inventions of the 21st century. 

No longer are board games relegated to unpleasantly competitive Boxing Day Monopoly marathons.

Hampstead Everyman Cinema

There are no spine crunching seats, feet tickling your neck or manky Sprite spillages here at The Hampstead Everyman Cinema. The name is democratic but the décor is exclusive, allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to luxuriate in a plush sofa for a couple of hours. An ode to red velvet, the arched space is studded with red recliners and heavily draped to produce something louche and elegant. Pop in for an afternoon screening and re-emerge blinking and contented into the grey world. 

If the world outside isn't looking too chipper, escape into another one at the flicks. 

The Cat and Mutton

Be honest, how often have you glimpsed a measly speck of precipitation and thought...hmmm, best hit the pub then. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The Cat and Mutton are doing all they can to entice people to shake off their umbrellas and grab a craft beer; offering a spacious atmosphere with cosy furnishings and constantly buzzy vibe. There is no bad time to mooch on down, but if its Sunday then even better. Their Sunday Recovery Sessions dish out some of the best roasts in town accompanied by a generous hose down with bloody maries. 

Great drinks deals, epic Sunday roasts and a relaxed ambience elevate this pub to prime rainy day real estate. 

Simmons Camden  

Stylishly decked out with a kind of Mad Hatter-cum-Dia De Los Muertos vibe in mind, Simmons Camden is a cool and quirky joint to while away an hour or five. Shamelessly, the main appeal has to be the Happy Hour which runs from 4pm - 9pm. Well that's the day sorted then!  Grab any spirit and mixer, glass of wine or bottle of beer for £2.50, and a rather fun cocktail teapot for £15. Cocktails here are stupendous, and the ambience is less gruff and ready than eccentrically stylish, making this pretty damn good as deals go. 

Cocktails from a teapot are just so whimsical that you'll forget the drear landscape out of the window.