Queen Victoria once said 'Give my people plenty of beer, good beer and cheap beer, and you will have no revolution'. Hmmm, could Winter Brew Fest be a scam to undermine Russel Brand's new book deal? No, it's just a jolly old excuse to get pissed! 

Celebrating the eruption of microbreweries popping up in London every minute, The Winter Brew Fest is an ode to beer. Serving more than 40 beers on tap as well as beers from 12 of London's finest start-up microbreweries, there's no excuse not to feel that warm hoppy glow. Bleary smiling and hugging aplenty here! 

The best way to survive Arctic temperatures is to get sloshed. We know...an Eskimo told us once. 

Microbreweries such as The Five Points, Four Pure, Gipsy Hill, The London Beer Factory, Hammerton, Hawkes and One Mile End will be selling their wares. And because street food gnoshing and craft beer guzzling go hand in hand, there will be an array of food stands catering to your tipsy needs. The likes of Oh My Dog, Peel & Chimney Pizza and Rainbow Food for Freedom are on set to pop grub into your hand at regular intervals.

Because there are two types of people in this world - Social Drinkers and Beer Lovers - Winter Brew Fest neatly splits off into two levels of beer dedication. Social Drinkers mooch and sip 12pm – 5pm and Beer Lovers stagger and glug 6pm – 11pm.  Each session is £25 and includes entry, souvenir 1/3pint tasting glass, entertainment and 12 beer tokens. 

Winter Brew Fest is on 7-9th November at BL_NK Old Street.