Are you seeking some romance and date inspiration this Christmas? Well, look no further. Over at, we have discovered that while Christmas is great for so many things: food/wine/films/parties (delete as appropriate)... it is also good for dating!

Last year, our members – hit their laptops (probably with a hangover, let’s face it) searching for that special someone on Boxing Day. It wasn’t just the odd person who had got tired of the chat from their Great Aunt Doris; there was a whopping 56% increase in online activity on December 26th. The moral of the tale... grab some turkey sandwiches and start looking for that special someone.

The energy doesn’t stop there though; right up until mid-January dating is at the forefront of people’s minds, if our data is anything to go by. 45% of our members said that they thought the holidays were the best time to focus on finding a new partner without having to think about work. Plus, with no early morning commute the next day, 27% admitted that they flirted online long after midnight most nights during the holidays with new people.

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If you’re new to online dating that’s great, too. Don’t be nervous; registrations were up 48%, compared with the monthly average – and new subscriptions increased by 58%, which was both a mixture of new and returning daters.

Research at Florida State University has also shown the decisions regarding matters of the heart during Christmas are made with more serious intent than during the summer. Singles are often happier and more receptive to love.

Dating coach Hayley Quinn adds: “The end of the year always makes you face awkward thoughts about what you have or haven't achieved this year, and what’s changed since the last. If you realise that’s a big fact zero on the dating front, then Boxing Day is the day to kick start your new year’s resolutions early."

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