Imagine if we hibernated? We’d miss all the older Bond films on the telly, not to mention the Queen’s speech. Now that winter is here though, it’s not all doom & gloom - there’s actually plenty more to do than knit jumpers and argue about Brussels sprouts…

Camden has a strong association with being London’s evergreen centre of debauchery. No matter the weather, there’s no shortage of stags, hens & other party animals even on school nights. Whether it’s the long established comedy nights at Jongleurs in the Middle Yard or the newly installed burlesque cabaret at the Proud Gallery in the Stables Market, it’s hard for anyone to say they can’t find something that’ll have them looking up the night bus timetable for the home journey.

With its rich cultural history in the latter part of the 20th century, Camden Town is not only associated strongly with the swinging 60s, but also the punked-up 70s / 80s, the clubbed-out 90s, noughties and the modern day’s mixed genre mashup. Within a square mile alone, the area sports goth clubs, indie nights, drag shows and even karaoke ukulele (yep, they went there, it happened).

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Camden is one of London's most vibrant areas, so discover it for yourself!

Though the streets are often lined with night time revellers, now that the cold weather has set in it’s certainly the place to get stuck in to a good Happy Hour somewhere warm. For the more adventurous, a worthwhile pub crawl could start at Mornington Crescent (to sample the right Irish history of the area and its themed bars such as the Cobden Arms) and stagger its way up to historic Parkway (the Spread Eagle was a regular haunt of Vivian ‘Withnail’ MacKerrell, as was the Dublin Castle for ska legends Madness), stop off in Inverness Street to cure the munchies (Bar Gansa sport the best tapas North of Bilbao), raise a glass to the hazy memory of Amy Winehouse in the Hawley Arms and lose itself in a flare of mojitos & passion at The Cuban in the heart of the Stables Market.

A word to the wise though – as inviting as it may seem it’s never wise to take a plunge into Camden Lock itself, even in the height of summer, but the canal should absolutely NOT be braved in the seasonal chill. Ever. There are things growing in there that haven’t seen the light of day since Oasis were in the charts…

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